About the project

Thom van der Weerd, Elliot Jackson & I created Draft.im in the aim to help people get drafted to Dribbble, which can be difficult if you're unknown. It's is a website that makes the draft process easier for drafters as well as prospects.

My role

UX design and front-end development

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How the concept works

Draft.im makes it possible for beginners to showcase their work to hundreds of people to increase the chance to get drafted.

how it works

How we keep content up-to-date

Shots of people who aren't drafted are automatically removed after 4 weeks to keep the website from being bloated with shots. This also allows the prospects to upload new shots after their shot is being removed.

A few stats that we're proud of

54shots online0players draftedLast updated: July 23, 2017 at 10:23 am