Iconjar, an app for your Mac

About the app

Iconjar is a Mac OSX app that makes it easy and fun to use icons. It lets you organize your icon sets in a beautiful way and lets you find that one icon you need for your project with ease.

The app is currently being developed by Curtis Hard but feel free to subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when it's ready!

My role

UI, UX design & front-end development

Project scope

Website, Mac app & email templates

Go to geticonjar.com

The Problem

Icons come in a lot of forms and shapes. When I came up with the idea of designing a tool to organize my icons I had around 15,000 icons. Yep I know that's a lot and they were screaming for some organization.

The solution

Iconjar leaves digging through your design asset folders behind and lets you access your icons without hassle. It supports vector and bitmap files that you can drag-and-drop to your app of choice with ease.

Designing a Mac app is difficult. It's easy to design something that looks like a web interface but designing something that looks like it belongs to the OS is a tough cookie. Iconjar has proven to me that iteration is key.

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