Kangaroo app

About the project

Kangaroo is an app I worked on for a school assignment in collaboration with a good friend of mine, Remco Lakens. The client wanted to make it easier for people to get the most out of their vacations by, figuratively speaking, getting them out of their camping chair.

The app's name is a metaphor for people that undertake a lot of things, a kangaroo hops from place to place.

My role

UI & UX design

Project scope

Mobile app

Kangaroo on Dribbble

The Client's requirements

The user has to be able to find and explore options for activities with ease. After finding fun activities the user has to be able to buy tickets.

Prefered goals

Encourage people to undertake activities on vacation. The app should offer a wide range of activities so no alternatives are needed.

Save activities for offline access

Being in foreign countries means having no mobile Internet for a lot of tourists. That's why we made it possible to make activities available offline so you can access them later.

Location services

Thankfully GPS works in foreign countries so finding the way to get to your activity should be super easy. This requires the activity to be available offline though.

What you see is what you get

We used as many images as we could in the app's visual design because interviews turned out that people get triggered by images that makes sense of the title.

Play with the Marvel prototype

Final thoughts

Buying / reserving tickets turned out to be unreliable due to several weak spots. That's why we decided to leave it out to guarantee that the information within the app is more up-to-date.